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Engagement Session Q&A

If you're reading this, you've probably either booked your engagement session or are thinking about it!! I decided to put together this little blog post for all of my clients who reach out with questions before their shoot - from what to wear to where in the world we should go.

I hope this step by step guide helps you as you plan for your engagement photos with your honey.

STEP ONE Get in touch with your dream photographer. I HIGHLY recommend doing engagement photos with same photographer who will be there on your wedding day. It not only helps your photographer get to know you (one of my favorite parts of my job is becoming friends with my clients), but it helps you feel even more comfortable in front of the camera on your big day!

STEP TWO Set a date. Some things to think about: Your favorite time of year. Do you want to match the season you're getting married? Do you want to use your engagement photos for your save the dates? A popular rule of thumb for when to send out save the dates is 8-12 months out. (Or just ASAP if you're planning a wedding in less time.) Give yourself at least a couple of weeks to design, print, address, and mail out your save the dates!

STEP THREE Location, location, location. I will always ask if you have a location in mind already, because if you do then we are 100% going there. These photos are about you. So you get to call the shots. BUT if you want some recommendations/inspiration I'VE GOT YOU. I'm gonna bomb you with questions, though. Are you ready?

What is something you love doing together?

Are you city people or nature people?

Favorite date? Favorite coffee shop/ice cream shop/restaurant?

Where did you first meet?

Where was your first date?

Where did he propose?

I want you to take me to those places! I want to turn your session into a date & just third wheel!

I will always happily recommend my favorite park or rooftop if you can't think of any special spots or just want to keep things simple. But I do love it when you let me incorporate some of your story into your session.

STEP FOUR What to wear. I love photographing earthy tones. But the most important part is that you dress in something that is comfortable and makes you feel like you. What would you normally wear on a date night? Go with that! Solid prints do photograph best. If you want to wear leopard print or floral, just make sure your guys wears a plain white tee. An hour is plenty of time for an outfit change, so I'd recommend coming ready to go in one outfit and bring a second one to hop into halfway through ~ one more casual and one more fancy, maybe. Also, you can absolutely send me mirror pics and ask me for my opinion!

STEP FIVE Have fun!


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