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The Brittenhams // A Wedding That Reflected THEM In Every Little Detail

Olivia, a dear friend from college, reached out to me about photographing her wedding from miles away in East Asia. Called by God to spend a year there to share some Good News with his people, she proceeded to plan a wedding about 8,000 miles away with the help of family and friends and the miracle invention of WhatsApp.

"All of our day happened because of the help of soo many friends and family," Olivia shared. "I. LOVED. IT."

Liv & Corey started dating intentionally just a few short months before she boarded her plane for Asia. He popped the question about halfway through her stay with a surprise visit in Thai Land (sounds sorta like a fairytale, right?) and they got married shortly after Liv came home.

Liv shared some of her favorite details that made their wedding feel unique to them:

"My wedding dress was a 90’s designer dress that I was given FOR FREE and my momma altered in our living room. And then I saw my Grandma’s wedding photos and loved her tea-length dress so I also wore a shorter dress for the reception...
I think the first detail we knew about our wedding was that we wanted a bounce house. First things first right? I also made my own bouquet and loooved it, in all of its craziness. All of the flowers except my flower crown were home made. Oh, and we couldn’t celebrate without bubble tea!!!"

"Sharing a wedding day with people you love is 1000x more fun than I could’ve imagined. Biggest party of YOUR LIFE."


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